Öppet brev till UIPM

Den 9 november har brev har skickats till UIPM :s styrelse där Modern Femkamp Sverige framfört sin syn på förslaget om att avskaffa ridmomentet:

”The equestrian event has been part of Modern Pentathlon since the creation of the sport for the 1912 Olympics in Stockholm and remains essential if the foundation of the sport – to be the most complete athlete – is to be preserved.

The pentathlon equestrian event is also unique in international equestrian sport since the absence of a requirement to own a horse allows athletes from all backgrounds to participate. The proposal from the UIPM board to remove the event is therefore both unexpected and risky.

We also fear that such a radical change would severely limit the chances for Modern Pentathlon to remain on the Olympic program: Had it not been for the history of the sport, and the status of being the only sport created for the Olympics, it is very likely that Modern Pentathlon would already have been struck from the Olympics.

There have been many calls over the years to adjust the rules and qualification standards for the event. Listening to these calls and raising standards of horsemanship is in our opinion a much better way forward than replacing the equestrian event with – as the UIPM board has suggested – “something else”.

This would also be in line with the opinions of the global community of athletes, many of whom have objected to the unprecedented and radical proposal.

We are confident that a solution that will preserve the equestrian event can be found. We also agree with the athletes that if the current UIMP leadership considers themselves unable to do so it is – in the best interest of our sport – time to resign and pass the baton to a new board.”

Stockholm November 9th, 2021

Modern Pentathlon Federation of Sweden